Rumours of War

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“I need my men,

men who wont question

when asked to pull the trigger

I want them with hungry trigger fingers,

them that will fight for territory”


The town is frowning

Men and women in the streets

They’re hurtling helter-skelter out of the city

The people are fleeing hurry-scurry

Confusion from the rumours of war


“Pack a few cloths darling

We’ll leave first thing tomorrow

Prepare the kids, we wake before the sparrow

The generals are planning a war,

I’m scared coz they want me gone.”


The midday sun is scotching

Crops are withered and dying

Folks in the country are yawning

Its been months since the clouds released a drop

They’re planning to come to the city


The city life is on high alarm

and farmers panic over nature

Down in the barracks a massacre is brewing

and the president is chickening

The sky is about to turn red


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Peace and Love


Why we lonely

Sometimes humans are hard to speak to

Sometimes we are difficult too

Sometimes we push them away

Sometimes we want a lonesome holiday, away

Away from them that stress we

Away from that that feels few,

and normal

We pushed them away and realise its tiresome,

to make friends at certain ages,

So we remain alone

We mistake jokes for disrespect,

and avoid them that tease and make jokes

They go home afraid that they hurt

We leave guarded and alone

We deal with rejection extremely

like it was the end of us

We don’t try again

and remain alone

We are alone because we decide to

We refuse to greet,

How will they open up?

What happened to being social?

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I made friends with the kid next door

We made faces and connected

She calls me ‘Cham’ –

I’m Sam

Her smile is the cutest,

But the kid next door, she hurt me

The kid next door plucked my roses

They were about to bloom-

But she plucked them

My beautiful cherry red,

Rosa Mister Lincoln roses-

she mercilessly killed

Jessica stepped on my flower garden, terrorizing

My yard is smitten and trodden

Oh Jessica, why?

Don’t let her cute smile fool you

I’m still waiting for my apology hug

For the kids next door that plucked my roses… you know I love you.


“With toughness you fought

and struggled for our freedom

Refuted The Seat you did

unless your comrades were out free


Full of integrity-

our son resigned for payment without work

You are our stepping stone to democracy

You couldn’t bear the Neo-colonialist

So to us you brought liberation,

You’ve open our eyes, cleared our vision

and given us a tool called freedom


Even in old age

you stung

and bit every tom…

who tried to rob our freedom

We were lost without you,

lost in the fogs where lost souls wander

Son of the lakeside-

you are our sunrise

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