mother earth reacts

cities swept away in floods
countries withering in droughts
men, women, children breathing their last in terrible famine
we’re all panting in this massive heat waves
Greenland is melting…
what have we done to mother earth
she is crying and still we ignore
when will this madness and cruelty end
countries still burn carbon massively
mother earth shakes from the tickles-
and we’ve seen the damages
if you’ve not, ask them that were visited by hurricane Ida or those forest fires chasing all away,
who knows it feels it

Written for dVerse prompts


7 thoughts on “mother earth reacts

  1. Sami, it truly is mind-boggling that there seems to be no sense of urgency in putting the brakes on planetary destruction. Anyone who thinks they’ll be saved during the apocalypse is deluding themselves.

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