I’ll show you love in absentia

You held me close in your large arms
I cried out loud, drove you mad
You brought me up as you did
I know I'm not the perfect son
But will you love me as I am?

You slapped me hard, I blacked out
Woke up in bed wearing a sad face
I locked myself in the bathroom
Cried so loud, I couldn't hear you

I lashed out, and it's so cold
My mind dislikes you, my heart's indifferent
But I'm too proud to come home
I'm still scared of that mad scold
And my little ego's telling me to roam
If I come home-
Will you love me as I am?

I'm afraid I'm never coming back
The streets seem to get warmer 
I promise to show you love in absentia

Written for dversepoets.com prompt hosted by Sanaa Rizvi


10 thoughts on “I’ll show you love in absentia

  1. A sad and beautiful poem, Sami. It’s all part of growing up. You know what to do in time. But sometimes family love is tough. And yet, you have to follow your heart in the end, don’t you?

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