Who will…?

image courtesy of Pinterest

Who will teach me to quit

these habits that I picked,

as I climbed up the cliff

When we departed my neck was stiff,

I never turned even to steal a glimpse

of the guilty pleasures in our space

Who will help set the pace

the marathon is long

I am not so strong

These habits are wrong

I don’t want to be like Lot

you know he lost a lot

Who will teach me?

Is it you

in blue?

This poem is another cry for help. Sometimes we are chained to some habits and behaviours that slow us down or worse of cripple us that we can’t move on smoothly.

Dedicated to anyone feeling the same way, help is on the way

8 thoughts on “Who will…?

  1. I am thinking and my first thought was:

    I will write down all the things I’ve tried that didn’t help.
    After eliminating those maybe – just maybe – there will appear one that will.

    Doing nothing won’t help. 😦

    I always carry a pad and pen inside my purse. ( A woman’s purse has endless supplies to meet every need. ) 😉

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