a little fight

I wont ask

don’t tell me

lets start from this moment on

yesterday’s gone

lets call it the past

but these walls speak

I hear them talk,

in the silence,

their whispers irritate

maybe you need to tell me

the wind too is loud

it sprays you red.

and cue my curiosity

but I’m scared to follow the cat in doom

so how do I ask without asking

‘they said this they say that

is it true?

tell me its not’

‘who’s they’


too many questions

obscuring your love for me

tell me they’re just rumors

tell me they’re jealous of us

‘you promised not to ask

why now

where is the trust we built?

I was before we were us

I’ll share when I’m ready’

I trust you enough for we

let my doubts fade as the wind pass

I know this storm will calm

‘here’s fresh daisies

can we move past this?’

6 thoughts on “a little fight

  1. These are awful feelings to experience, and the confusion and fear they provoke are so accurately and beautifully described here, I too hurt reading them. But knowing what we learn through these lines, I can only say: Thank you for your trust; for confiding in us – your readers- to be the receptors of these very raw, truthful and valid emotions and thoughts.

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