fragments of page 25

all the anxiety and nervousness
how do I trust?
I don't even know me
how can I trust you?

what is life about?
today its freezing, tomorrow the sun scorchs
maybe yesterday's outpour should share some drops
and keep tomorrow at room temp

love seems complicated today than yesterday
they say, love until it hurts-
but, it is love...why the tears?
don't flowers smell good? 

living is crazy, only God can prove scientists' claims
the chaos they bring, the confusion
keep us all living wishfully
maybe I should travel and visit The Almighty soon

he tries coming close to him
but he pulls away everytime, drifting apart
and he tires and kills that side of him,
and you ask why we hate...

crazy life on earth
what to do
or leave

This is my trial of ‘fragment’


'you are needed at the principal's office...'

'what might I have done?
who told on me?
have I been naughty?
I know it's not a fun call'

'just relax
wait, maybe...
nuh, do I need a lawyer?
I was caught unawares last time,
how will I tell my folks when I'm debarred'

'why would the principal call me?'

'you are needed at the principal's office for the leader's meeting.'

'uuhh, thank goodness'