I’ll Leave


I love it here,

I started collecting twigs and grass for my nest,

But you never saw me in your future,

Started treating me like an option

Why let me settle?

Like some cheap drug-high, I was out of your system and

You wanted me out

Out of the only place I thought I could germinate,

Now you push me out to wander and wither in the wastelands with waters salty

I love it here but I can’t bear

your stare scares

and your queries  feel like snares, I’m aware

I can’t tolerate you any longer,

I’ll leave for the Sahara, just wait for awhile

don’t worry I won’t linger

on my camel I’ll journey as the sun goes down

my sojourn in the Sahara- a tale for another page

For Instance

she never felt the same way…

just poured out my heart to someone

and it hurts

hurts more when rejected though

me and she could be friends, maybe

rejected with convex lips-

keeps the mind roaming, wandering,

picturing its corpse with a bullet hole in the head and a gun on the side

its said they are lucky when they’re dead

has anyone ever supposed it luckier to be born?

i don’t want to die, not today

so she don’t like me-

let me choose a safe spot to pass the night

and soundly fall asleep on my single bed

start again tomorrow

I’m loved

A reaching of arms around

a warm embrace

light kisses

I’m loved and I’m glad

You saw me between the lines,

amid the laughs, you knew me

and kept my eyes glowing

God, He cleaned my heart, my mind is sober

In the ruthless jungle, He carried me

How amazing it is that you listen when i speak my mind

Your love is like the moon’s,

never stealing the night, you unveil my dark beauties

You’ve searched and known me,

even in the fog I know I’m loved

I glow differently when I’m happy

Russian Roulette

You quit playing games with my heart

and i started poking holes,

My filtered heart shows me blurry visions-

i called a psycho, a psycho

let me just say my face is scarred

Russian Roulette,

Every time he spined the cylinder, pulled the trigger-

was like peeking at hades gates,

i glanced at pieces of my brains on the ground

before i could go swimming with the sweet angels

Better snitching at getting your cut

than be chased down in every hole like a rat

I said what they wanted to here and what pleased them

Ratting was my only way out

Twas like driving down the highway

high, drunk and with my little girl on the backseat being chased

I snapped and told my boss the truth- a loaded gun not to fired anyhow

I’m packing,

pinching myself, everyone was looking

i wished it were a dream

Then i unleashed my dogs before the war, they are dead

and i have no moves left

Playing Roulette with my life, that’s psycho