mother earth reacts

cities swept away in floods
countries withering in droughts
men, women, children breathing their last in terrible famine
we’re all panting in this massive heat waves
Greenland is melting…
what have we done to mother earth
she is crying and still we ignore
when will this madness and cruelty end
countries still burn carbon massively
mother earth shakes from the tickles-
and we’ve seen the damages
if you’ve not, ask them that were visited by hurricane Ida or those forest fires chasing all away,
who knows it feels it

Written for dVerse prompts

this year

emails pinging all day-
'we regret to inform you,
we are sorry'
messages from them, hurting 
texts whistling all day-
'you should have, you need to
just loose pound, please hit the gym this year
here's a plan that works'
I'm exhausted,
give me some space to think
I know I'll hurt this year,
I know I'll smile this year,
I know I'll cry and laugh this year
Let me do it my way this year
I might pen some plans down
I might strikethrough the same plans
the come back and write them again with new verbs
This year I do it scared,
this year I do it however it comes

Written in response to dVerse Prompts. Responding to the statement “Your self-worth is not in your inbox”. I am scared of my mail box, tis full of ‘regret to inform you…’ mails.

Dying faces/Dying hearts

Dying on faces, kill hearts
So they say
And ask that you play a smile
I try, I try
But its often crooked
Never genuine, never real-
Images sent from the heart never lie
And I think to myself-
‘Dying hearts often kill faces’
For the heart kens
And face reveals
So then
Why ask for my smile when my heart  cries
dying on faces, kill hearts who knows…

Shy? Join in, Not shy, join us in this beautiful art of poetry.