Who will…?

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Who will teach me to quit

these habits that I picked,

as I climbed up the cliff

When we departed my neck was stiff,

I never turned even to steal a glimpse

of the guilty pleasures in our space

Who will help set the pace

the marathon is long

I am not so strong

These habits are wrong

I don’t want to be like Lot

you know he lost a lot

Who will teach me?

Is it you

in blue?

This poem is another cry for help. Sometimes we are chained to some habits and behaviours that slow us down or worse of cripple us that we can’t move on smoothly.

Dedicated to anyone feeling the same way, help is on the way

little fly, The Mosquito

My apologies human,

twas my wife that bit you last night

She had to,

Our line has to go on,

you get it

I see you enjoy your salad,

me and the bees collabed on the pollination project

Thanks for the nightly claps

In calmness we reside

singing harmonies, troubling none

our little ones developing floating on the still waters

and in our calmness we run deep,


In our fragile wings, we survive

and destroy when attacked, we survive

the threats are true, we’re dangerous in our slender shapes

yours truly

little fly

Written for dVerse prompt https://dversepoets.com/2021/09/14/creepies-and-crawlies/ hosted by sarahsouthwest

I tried being positive about mosquitoes but they are just, mosquitoes.

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Where are you?

I am so confused of where to turn

My mind is whirling, seeking for him

who instructed, when thirsty, to Him, to run

Come rushing, my throat is cracking, surviving’s slim

My nights are scary long, the dreams hollow

the monsters are closing in, my screams too soft

Where is He when these paths are narrow

I need a sign showing my troubles He’ll lift

Reading His message, He intends not to hurt

Written for dVerse

Tonight, Laura hosts Meeting the Bar, and asks us to write a Novelinee. This is a poetic form invented by Sarah Rayburn, and Laura explains in full how to write one.

It was tough for me but here’s my trial.

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a little fight

I wont ask

don’t tell me

lets start from this moment on

yesterday’s gone

lets call it the past

but these walls speak

I hear them talk,

in the silence,

their whispers irritate

maybe you need to tell me

the wind too is loud

it sprays you red.

and cue my curiosity

but I’m scared to follow the cat in doom

so how do I ask without asking

‘they said this they say that

is it true?

tell me its not’

‘who’s they’


too many questions

obscuring your love for me

tell me they’re just rumors

tell me they’re jealous of us

‘you promised not to ask

why now

where is the trust we built?

I was before we were us

I’ll share when I’m ready’

I trust you enough for we

let my doubts fade as the wind pass

I know this storm will calm

‘here’s fresh daisies

can we move past this?’